• Image of Seneca on Living — Sage Mementos

Born in 4 BC, Seneca was a Stoic philosopher in ancient Rome. In his lifetime he was a philosopher, statesman, beloved dramatist, early investment banker, and adviser to an insane emperor named Nero who eventually forced Seneca to take his own life. It is said that upon being forced to take his own life, Seneca did so with the utmost poise and tranquility, proving that his lifelong practice of Stoicism was deeply authentic. Today, Seneca is one of the most well-known, highly regarded, and widely read Stoics.

This aphorism from Seneca is a favorite of mine. I love the idea of taking nothing for granted, living deeply each hour, and especially "counting each separate day as a separate life." Truly each day is a gift, and if you pay attention, there is a lifetime of information, experience, beauty, and subtlety packed into every day we live on this world. This memento is a splendid reminder to *live* and *appreciate* your life, exactly how it is, right now.