• Image of Nietzsche's Imperative — Sage Mementos

Friedrich Nietzsche hardly needs an introduction around here. A German philosopher born in 1844, Nietzsche was one of the greatest geniuses who ever lived. His ideas shook the very foundations of Western civilization, and the seismic activity of his presence continues to shape the world to this day.

"Become what you are" was perhaps Nietzsche's most fundamental maxim. It was connected to his idea of an Overman—a human who would transcend all external influence to will his own values and reach a state of free play and creativity. To "become what you are" is to peel back the layers, drill deep into yourself, and gradually shed everything that is not you. It is to engage in a never-ending process of becoming a more and more fully realized version of yourself. To not only understand who you are but to become an honest expression of your soul in the world. The only tattoo I have—on my left shoulder—reads, "become what you are."